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ea order also go back, can new road reach Qingping street area in center district cake hous▓e, buy some cloud swallow boiled meat dumpling▓, almond cookie, chicken roll, crisp fritter, nougat, ca▓ke and jerky, snack, son of chicken etc. are very popular.The introduces of some special features snack:MaJiexiuCod, one salted fish that Portugal compatriot like food, it can with fry, burn, bake, different method cooking of boiling etc., ▓no matter how to cook, will make people's tooth ch▓eek keep fragrant, enjoy endless aftertastes.▓  You could

never find this pistachio biscuit in any other place. They also have wa▓lnut cookies and cashew nut cookies. They can claim as one of the best cookies in the world! Opening H▓ours  10:am to 6:00 pm  Address▓

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e who lived in Chaoyang D▓istrict in Beijing, bought nine ducks at the Yanjiaoqingong Market in Langfang City of Beijin▓g's neighboring Hebei Province on Dec. 19 along▓ with two town fellows. She cleaned the ducks' 

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and Huang is the only one who fell ill," said Zhao Qingc▓hao, an official with Lang

fang Municipal Government. "W▓e had thoroughly combed all stands in the market," he added. Each region has a distinctive local flavour and on Chopsticks, we introduce th

e best ▓of Chinese cuisine. Now, there might be Chines▓e restaurants almost everywhere in the world, but ▓I couldn't think of a better place or time to show the charm of Chinese food than at the Beijing Olympic▓s.That's true. In that sense, Michael Phelps, Usain Bol▓t and Guo Jingjing weren't the only superstars▓ at the Beijing Olympics. There was also a whole dif▓ferent kind of star, the Peking Duck. The crispy culinary dish won its own medal at the table in the athlet▓es' village.The Peking Duck is undoubtedly "Dish of the Year" for 2008. As a symbol of traditional Chinese cuisine, this dish was a favorite during the Beijing Olympics. According to official statistics, about 700 ducks were eaten at the Olympic village each day...And it was the most popular choice of▓ athletes. The slices of duck meat and crispy skin are traditionally eaten with a sweetish plum sauce and slivers of spring onion, wrapped toget▓her in a small pancake. Peking Duck is a must for visitors to the Chinese capital.And ▓if you enjoy meat, there are many choices available i▓n Beijing. Look at this savory barbecue with green cara▓way. It's a treat both visually and also for

the taste buds. Come along with some friends on holiday, ▓enjoy the scenery and the luscious food! You'll find our Chinese BBQ is as tasty and authentic as a western-style barbecue!And if y

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